Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Happy Post!

Cause I got good things to say today. I was diagnosed before my kids were. I was given dietary instructions but no real help from my gastroenterologist. I was on my own. At first I didn't care. I meas, how much difference could diet make? I kept falling back into old habits. I had grown accustomed. As a child I hated sweets, but now as an adult I craved them. When my children were diagnosed I first felt victorious. I had known that they had it and I had to fight the doctor to get them tested. But their doctor was different. She set me up with a dietician. Finally I would get answers. That was almost 2 weeks ago I think. It wasn't until my children were at risk that I got serious. I didn't have the will power for myself but I would walk through fire for my kids. I immediately changed everything. All new food. I threw away stuff nobody should be eating, gave away good stuff we couldn't have, and packed away stuff we might be able to have again. All the children could see in their cupboard would be safe food and safe drinks. It was a struggle but we have been following the strict diet for a week now.

And I feel GREAT!! I can't believe it. I have scalp psoriasis. It hasn't itched all week. I just noticed that I hadn't wanted to scratch my head. Before it seemed like a compulsion and I would have open sores and everything. The dermatologist had given me medicine for it but I haven't used it all week. I also lost 5 lbs in 2 days. I am now the same weight as I was 10 years ago. I have a total weight loss of 30 pounds. I would be okay losing another 10 but after that I really need to work at keeping some on. I wouldn't want to lose too much. I like looking healthy and curvy. I also had energy today. It wasn't the sun shine or the warm weather. It was the dextrose. It is straight glucose and I have been missing it my whole life. I felt like a real person today. I did stuff. I even took my kids to the park.... and then played with them instead of watching from a bench. I felt confident and relaxed. I had no anxiety, no depression, no fatigue, and no pain. I still have fibromyalgia. I can feel it telling me I might have over done it today and I should go to bed. But what I feel now is much better than any other night before bed. I even woke up this morning feeling refreshed. That hasn't happened in a long time.

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