Thursday, April 7, 2011

The hidden sugar.

How well do you read the labels on the boxes? I, apparently, don't read them all that well. I thought I did. I can recognize all the different names for sugar on the list. I know what I can have and can't have. But I did not think about "natural flavor". It hides there too. you have to look at the part where it lists how many grams are in there. You are not really safe unless you look there as well.. They can hide anything they want in there and call it "Natural Flavoring". And they don't have to tell you what is in there because it is copyrighted or manufacturing secrets. Or so I was told by the lady who answered the phone at the company I called today. It was a simple box of organic gluten free mac-n-cheese. it had all natural ingredients. I could read everything on the list. But then I got to wondering about what the natural flavoring is. They aren't talking about the cheese and milk itself because those ingredients were listed. So I had to call. And now I am pissed.

I was lied to. I am used to being lied to by regular companies. I know they hide all kinds of stuff in their food. I thought that since this was a reputable, organic, gluten free product made by a well know manufacturer that it could be trusted. But the ingredient is "Evaporated cane juice". Sounds ok, right? No, it is the same thing as sugar. Sucrose. The only difference between it and table sugar is that the minerals get processed out of white sugar. There goes the rest of the boxed food I was eating.

I was also a little mad at myself for not thinking of looking there. Well, I just started this lengthy study of dietary needs. I just recently found out it mattered so much. I had for years believed the whole food pyramid and it is now being turned upside down. Real big changes can be hard to deal with. I think humans are hard wired to be creatures of habit.

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