Sunday, April 3, 2011

Living the Journey

Is it plagiarism to steal the title of your Reverend's sermon? Oh well.
He had a great point today. Even though I am a pagan I still like to have spiritual community. For that, I attend the Unitarian Universalist Church closest to me. Absolutely love that place. I love listening to the sermons. He always has something interesting to hear. Today it hit home more than usual.
I have been going through a lot lately. Dietary changes, personal issues, worrying about my children, and basically living. Most of the time I forget to take time for myself or time to play and enjoy life. All I think about is my purpose. Finding the answer. The answer to our health problems. I spend all my energy on it. My children beg me to read a book to them or play dolls or go outside. But I am too busy researching symptoms, causes, or one of my various other interests related to childcare, cooking, or sewing. I forget to stop. Stop and play. Stop and smell the roses. Stop and cuddle my children. It is sad really. All the time I spend caring and worrying and it is the time spent playing that I forget about. Not just for them but for me as well.
That is exactly what the sermon was about today. Perfect timing. They even had a puppet show. That's right. My church put on a puppet show.... for the adults. The children had already left. It was funny. It was about a circle who had a missing piece. He wandered around looking for his missing piece. Along the way he smelled the roses, and watched butterflies, and played in the grass and snow. He tried many different pieces but none were his piece. One day though he found his piece. It fit perfectly and he was a circle again. He rolled and rolled and rolled. He rolled so much he went right by the flowers, the grass, the butterflies. So he stopped. And he realized that all the rolling wasn't as fun as he thought it was. So he carefully put down his piece and rolled away. He went back to looking. And along the way he smelled the flowers and looked at butterflies, and felt fulfilled. Because he was living.
It is good to have a purpose, a plan. But you have to live along the way. Just what I needed to hear as I continue my quest to solve the biggest mystery of my life.

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