Saturday, April 2, 2011

My alternative to table sugar.

I know I can have dextrose. I found some at a health food store. It isn't as sweet as what we are used to but I am sure we will get used to it. The kids like it as it is. However, I know it will turn to straight glucose in them and give them easy energy. I know they aren't used to it too. So i figure if I mix it with stevia and maltodextrin it will lessen the blow. Stevia is sweeter so it evens out. I find we do better when we eat dextrose several times a day in measured doses. Too much and you got crazy kids. I feel like I drank lots of caffeine, except caffeine never really got me to get up off my butt. It just made my mind go fast. With dextrose I feel like my muscles have energy too. Because they do.

I bought some stevia at hy-vee. It is mixed with maltodextrin. It does leave a somewhat diet taste behind but it isn't that bad. I mixed the stevia mix with the dextrose, half and half. 3 cups of each sifted together.

I tested it out. I took plain unsweetened yogurt. I added the mix till I thought the kids would like it. Then i beat it. I was trying to see if I could thicken it for frosting. No. Not really. So I added almond flour. Still didn't help. But I put some in a bowl and let the kids have it. Laura, the 3 yr old, took one bite and yelled out "THIS IS AWESOME!!" The other kids agreed. I was happy I could make them happy. It might not work for frosting but maybe I can freeze it for ice cream. Put it in popsicle molds. Sounds Yummy. I think I will make the frosting with cream cheese and the mix.

This is not a diet food. I am not trying to lose weight anymore. I quit trying about 10 pounds ago. Do be careful, some people get hyper on sugar. If you haven't been able to digest all the other sugars (they go right through me and have never made me feel energetic) you will get a rush off of this stuff. That is why I mixed it. All this energy was scary at first. I didn't know what to do with it.

eta: we slowly cut out the stevia and maltodextrin as we got used to a less sweet diet. now we are only using the dextrose. the stevia and maltodextrin was starting to give us stomach issues as well so we figured it was time to cut that out too.

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