Saturday, April 2, 2011

The shopping trip from HELLLLLLLL.

Yes it was that awful. It didn't start out that awful. It actually started out good. I was excited. I was gonna go get some food that was safe and everybody would love it. I felt like supermom saving the day. I went to the health food store to find some safe vitamins. That sucked, took an hour, and I only found one kind that was a pill. So my littles can't take it. So now I have to do some resarch to find sugar-free, gluten-free, artificial color and artificial flavor free chewable kids vitamins. Some of those requirements might have to go.... like the artificial flavor part. I did at least find straight dextrose baking sugar, cell salts and flower essences. Woot!
Next stop was the grocery store. I can't afford grass-fed meat so I settle for the meat counter at Fareway. I am afraid to ask what their meat eats before slaughter. All I know is it is safe for me to eat and affordable. So I loaded up. A whole freezer full of all kinds of stuff. Pork, beef, turkey, chicken, fish. All different kinds and cuts. yummm. Sadly, that was the only stuff I could buy from that store. My search for uncured sugar-free bacon and sausage remains unsolved. Maybe next time i will stop at a butcher too. I still spent 2 hours there.
After that I went to Hy-vee. I know they have a gluten free section. I need rice noodles and safe crackers. Two things I really dont want to try to make myself. Apparently the stuff they use to make noodles is the wrong part of the wheat for me. Same for crackers. I can only tolerate the processed white flour in stuff I make myself. I searched and searched. All the rice noodles had rice bran too. Again, that part of the rice is not tolerated for me. All I could find was Annie's gluten free mac and cheese. At least it tastes good. But i really need to find elbow macaroni and spaghetti noodles made like that too. I am still not even completely sure that I can have all the ingredients but I was depserate for food. I found Unsweetened Almond Milk. I had been looking for a weeks. That was cool. I got organic. non-homogenized, vat pasteurized, whole milk. I found organic butter and whole milk unsweetened yogurt, almond flour, sunflower seeds, almonds, and cashews. Not sure if the cashews will work but i wanted some.
By this time the kids were at a breaking point. Even though we had stopped to potty, I had nursed the baby, we had eaten lunch, and they had taken a nap between stores, they were done.
But i still had to find a snack food for them to take to the church nursery. There are other kids there with allergies and I really needed to find something they could all have. It had to be dairy free, gluten-free, sugar-free, egg-free, peanut-free, oat-free, rye-free, soy-free, corn-free, and couldn't be made with brown rice. I about lost my mind. I was talking out loud to myself. One employee asked me if I needed help finding anything. I replied "yes, my mind, I think I left it on the floor back there." He immediately got on the speaker (for pretend) and started asking if anyone found it. That made me smile, but it did not find my mind. I asked my 3 year old to keep her eyes out for it. She still says she saw it in one of the aisles but it got swept up. I finally found a cracker. Rice almond crackers. But it didn't say on the label if it was white rice flour or brown rice flour. I asked management if they could help me figure it out. I stood there for half an hour (after shopping for almost 3) while they found me a phone number for customer service. Bless their hearts, they were so helpful. I called and found out it was white rice. Totally safe for everybody. Yay! I bought four boxes. My husband says they taste like corn nuts. Kids like them too. Looked at the box again. Made with milk. So now we can eat them but they cant have it at church.

I am never going shopping again. We will all eat dirt.

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