Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simple spinach dip.

Sometimes I make stuff that tastes good. My kids say that it tastes good more frequently now than it used to. While that makes me feel good now, it makes me wonder what my food used to taste like. Never mind, let's stick to the present.

Everybody at the table loved this. It could use some tweaking, but it is very simple and easy. I used half a bag of baby spinach from the store. I can't wait to buy it from the farmer's market soon. I also used a thing of sour cream and some salt. Told ya it was simple.

I filled my food processor. I bought this thing for $5 at a garage sale 2 years ago. I think I get alot more use out of it than the previous owners did.

 See? It works great! I Like to have some chunks left, but it will keep going till it is complete mush.
 Add some sour cream and mix it up. The more sour cream you use, the less spinach taste. I like the spinach taste though.
 Now taste it! Yep you guessed it! Needs salt. Add it until you are happy with it. Remember to add a little at a time. If you like it thicker I would suggest using cream cheese as well and blending the cream cheese and sour cream together till smooth then adding the spinach. I will probably try this next time anyway. Maybe make more of a spread or a thicker dip at least.

We have to keep a detailed food journal of everything we eat. To make sure we are eating safe food in safe amounts and also to document when we try new things. That way if we have symptoms we can look back to see exactly what caused it.
I tried a new smoothie recipe. We aren't really supposed to have cocoa. But my kids really missed chocolate so I made one just once. The only symptom we got was a headache from the caffeine. So we will try it again with less cocoa and no yogurt. We have decided to cut that out too.

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