Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Birthday Breakfast

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

It is my 35th birthday and I have been on this elimination diet for at least 3 months. We have been pretty strict and I have decided that we are going to have strawberries! Of all the stuff I have missed these would be on the top of the list. My kids beg for them and I feel so bad. So we are going to eat some.
Wish us luck.

My favorite piece of equipment, the kitchenaid mixer. I use this thing to mix everything. It is less work for me to use this thing than it is for me to mix it by hand or hold an electric mixer. Thank you mom for my favoritest birthday present EVAH!!!!

So first we mix the pancake batter. I used Bisquick mix. They make a gluten free kind. I really should have used it but I still had some of this stuff left. It uses dextrose instead of sugar so it is still sucrose/fructose free. However, the wheat will make my psoriasis worse. I am willing to deal with it.

Yummm. One of my favorite things. Melted Butter! I prefer the taste of organic butter. And it is better for you. I melted 2 whole sticks of it and added 3 scoops of stevia. The kind I use has no added ingredients. It is nothing but the stevia extract. It is processed until it is a fine white powder. The scoop is so small it looks like a doll spoon. This stuff is strong. It does not take much and I strongly encourage you to level the scoop. I also added 3 tbsp of "now" brand dextrose to make it more syrupy. And then I melted it in the microwave.

Here is the final result. Golden brown pancakes, sliced strawberries, with the butter poured all over the top. The kids and I all had plates like this and there was enough butter to go around. Even for thirds which all the kids ate.
The hardest part of this diet is not eating all the foods we love. We can learn to live without most stuff, if we have too, but not strawberries. I will gladly suffer for strawberries every once in a while.

In the future I will be using a gluten free mix or making my own from scratch with buckwheat, oat, and some other flours. I haven't gotten around to figuring out a flour mix yet. Surprisingly, this did  not make me very sick. I had stomach pains for an hour or 2 but nothing real serious. I was tired for the rest of the day but that could have been all the walking we did the day before. If the strawberries were going to cause real problems, it would have caused 3 days of fatigue and 1 day in the bathroom. So now we can safely say that strawberries are an ok food.... for a treat. Not for everday of course, and not too many at a time either. They still caused dark circles under our eyes after eating them.

ETA: This did not make my psoriasis worse. YAY me! Also I looked at the gluten free kind. Unlike the regular kind, it uses sugar instead of dextrose. So boo on them.


  1. Happy birthday! I have one of those mixers and I LOVE IT!

    Enjoy the strawberries. 'Tis the season!

  2. calyx156@yahoo.comAugust 31, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    Hi, Maru Uni! As a woman with two Culinary Arts degrees, one from the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in NYC, one from the New York Restaurant School, a mother, herbalist, professional chef and caterer, massage therapist, artist, writer and musician, I have a LOT of thoughts about what you posted here, and I hope they come across as helpful and educational, and not hypercritical and attacking. As a Taurean woman with six planets in fire, sometimes I can be too intense, and sometimes it is not always comfortable for people to be on the receiving end of what I have to say. Please remember I am trying NOT to be that way with you here!!! I have some questions for you first: 1) Two sticks of butter seems to me to be simply A HUGE amount of both fat and dairy for a family of five. To be VERY HONEST here, 1 stick is even a huge amount. I'm also really concerned (but also at the exact same time, not really concerned at all about your use of Bisquik, because ultimately, what you put into your own and your family's mouths is really only YOUR business), but 1) because it has white flour and hydrogenated oils in it, and b/c I basically consider it to be crap in a box, especially when pancake batter is so bloody easy to mix up the night before, using HEALTHY ingredients. I guess everyone's idea of what is healthy is different, which can be a bit of a mental stretch for me to come to terms with...As a single mother of two kids, I also REALLY understand the desire to use things up, and not have them go to waste!!! So other questions: As dairy and wheat are two EXTREMELY common allergens, have you considered that maybe a LOT, if not most of your difficulties could be caused by these two hyper-common foods: WHEAT and MILK PRODUCTS? You will NEVER hear me criticize your eating of strawberries, even in mass quantities, but I will say these two things about them: 1) Commercial strawberries are a) gassed and b) one of the very MOST chemically treated agricultural crops in this country, and 2) Strawberries are an extremely common allergen, especially in children because of their fruit acids. My daughter can now pretty much eat anything, but when she was little, strawberries and citrus GUARANTEED an allergic reaction, and she liked to eat them BY THE BASKETFULS!!! We had to hide them from her!!!

    Regarding making your own pancake/waffle batters from scratch, I TOTALLY support you in this effort, and I highly recommend the addition of cornmeal, if you can find organic local cornmeal where you live, as it adds nice color and an outer crispness to the pancake that's absolutely fabulous!!!

    The dark circles under your eyes are typically known as "allergic shiners". They are classic symptoms of allergies, adrenal depletion and splenic/pancreatic insufficiency. They are also often seen in people w/ kidney disorders, hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome, and many, many other disorders.

    Remember also that people crave the foods they are most allergic to!!!

    Your breakfast is ALL carbohydrate and high in fat, but has almost no protein, so there is a DEEP imbalance there. Something to look at, and to consider well!

    My very best to you!

  3. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. First of all, your idea of healthy is not the same as mine. My family suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Fructose Malabsorption Syndrome. The high amount of healthy fat we eat is absolutely neccessary for us. We can only eat white flour, we can not eat wheat flour. We have had allergy testing done and we are not allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy, or strawberries. We do get hypoclycemic. Second of all, I did say that it was my Birthday and we were making something we generally don't eat. So it happened that once and hasn't happened since. We usually eat big helpings of scrambled eggs with some kind of meat and potatoes. And finally, we can't eat fruit. The only fruit out there that is pretty low in fructose in lemons, limes, and strawberries. So we have them for a treat every once in a while. The only reason we got the shiners this tme is because of how many strawberries we ate. Eating too much fructose causes our shiners. I understand that you have had a lot of training. However, Fructose Intolerance throws all that out of the window. According to our doctor, nutritionist, chiropractor, gastroenterologist, and Geneticst, our bodies do not agree with society's ideas about anything. What is healthy for us is just that. Healthy for us.