Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why I don't want Flouride in my water.

Let's look at the reason they put it in there. To keep your teeth strong. Doesn't that mean that it is a medicine? Or a supplement? Either way, don't we have the right to not be medicated against our will. If you want flouride for your teeth, you have the option of buying flouride toothpaste or getting flouride treatments from your dentist. But we do not have the option of buying the flouride-free water. The only way to do that is to have your own well. Which means you are not living in the city or relying on city water.
This means that we are being medicated every time we drink it whether or not we want to be medicated.

The fact is, I pay the city for this water. I wish I didn't have to. I wish there was an option to buy it with or without. Even if you buy bottled water, it will still have flouride in it. If you drink juice, it is mixed with flouridated water. Your tuna packed in water.... mostly likely flouridated. Why? Because companies use water that is chemically cleaned, and that means adding flouride to it.

Every time I read something about flouride I get a little bit more peeved off. The flouride they use for the water is a chemical waste product. Waste they can't get rid of anywhere else. It isn't even the kind of flouride that would do any good.. if flouride actually does any good. The evidence that I have seen, doesn't even support that theory. It seems that people with flouridated water have just as many cavities if not more than people without flouridated water. So putting "medication" in our water to help our teeth doesn't even seem to work. More and more cities are removing flouride from their city water. More and more studies are showing that the amount of flouride in our water is causing flouridosis.

I am convinced that flouride in my water is making it harder for me to heal. Flouride is not meant to be ingested, but yet we drinks loads of it everyday. How would I go about getting my city to remove it from the water supply. Better yet, how can I find myself a farm to live on so I can have a well?


  1. You are misinformed. Bottled water is not fluoridated. If you buy FILTERED water at commercial water dispensers that use tap water, it is fluoridated, if your local water supply is fluoridated.

    Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in many water sources. That's how it was discovered, some communities had abnormally low rates of cavities.


    flouride does not prevent caries. proper nutrition does.