Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homemade sausage.

My family loves sausage!!

Unfortunately all store made sausage contains sugar. After not having sausage for awhile my family started to get kind of upset. I don't blame them. I love sausage too. In my efforts to appease the angry savages I found a recipe. You take your lb of ground pork, you add 1 tbsp savory, 1 tbsp thyme, and 1 tbsp sage. I was out of sage so I omitted it. I also added 1 tbsp dextrose. I figured all the other ones had sugar in it for a reason so why not.
I shoved it all in my standing mixer and away we went.
I love this thing. No touching the cold meat, no holding a mixer up with one hand while holding the bowl with the other. Just flip on the switch and you have sausage!

Here is my finished clump of meat. I still need to make patties out of it but I don't mind. The meat is no longer cold so it won't hurt me to touch it. I purposely leave it to sit, whether I am making sausage or meatloaf or whatever, just so I don't have to touch cold meat. lol. This tastes better if it sits in the fridge overnight. That lets the herbs flavor seep into the meat, but like I said, I hate cold meat.

Sausage tastes great with potatoes. I always puts lots of salt on. And now that I can use powdered garlic again (just not too much), I add that on there as well. I fry them in olive oil with a lid on till they are tender, then take the lid off to crisp them up. They soak up the oil so you have to use enough. Here I am using my cast iron skillet with matching lid. The lid turns it into a dutch oven. I know cast iron is heavy and it hurts to use but the benefits outweigh the danger. I do not have to worry about all those pesky chemicals from non stick pans, I don't have to worry about scratching it up, and I don't have to worry about cleaning it. That's right. All I do is scrape till all the food is gone and re oil it. No need for soap. A little water and a scrub pad. Sometimes all I need to do is wipe it with a dishrag. Stuff comes right off. I would say that all that more than makes up for it's weight. Worth it's weight and all that.

My sausage patties. They look nice.

Don't forget fried eggs. Sausage needs eggs too. These are from a local farm. The farmer lets her hens runs free all over her property. They are mighty tasty!

They also lay many different colors of eggs.
And the finished breakfast. The kids ate it all gone. Even my husband said it tasted good. It is real hard to get a compliment out of him so I this means alot.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Re-Introductory Phase.

After having been on a strict elimination diet for 12 weeks, my family was excited to try all of their favorite foods again. We tried different veggies, fruits, and .... junk food. We needed to see how much sugar and HFCS we could digest. Every one of us can handle a different amount. And we all have different reactions to stuff we can't handle.

I have to admit, I got carried away. I missed all of those foods that were causing me pain and malnutrition. Most of all I wanted a Bavarian cream filled, chocolate frosted, bismark. Usually I would drink a premade chocolate milk with it, but I resisted the temptation. I did eat one. I ate 2 actually, but the second one was jelly filled. Within an hour I came to the conclusion that it had been a bad idea. As a matter of fact, It went about that well for everything we tried. Sometimes it was apparent in 20 min and sometimes it took an hour or two. But it all ended the same way.

My youngest 2 children get dark circles under their eyes. Just like me. The circles are a dark line that looks like eyeliner almost. It goes all the way into the inside of the eye and up the side of the nose. The more they eat, the darker it is. If it is chronic ingestion (like when we ate watermelon 3 days in a row) it gets puffy under the eye too. These 2 kids also (like me) get bloated. It causes them to have poor absorption. They can not absorb the nutrients out of a meal if it includes fructose in any way. I forget exactly how it works but the gist is that the fructose interferes with the nutrients bonding to the receptor chemical that pulls it across the intestinal wall to be utilized. So they don't even use it. The EDS means that we need to be taking in twice the amount of vitamins a normal person does, but the FMS means that we are even taking in half the vitamins a normal person does. I don't even know how that translates to fat or anything.

The 4 yr old actually has butt muscles now. And her face is rounder. She even showed me her biceps the other day. She has some now and she thinks it is hilarious to flex them at me.

My oldest child is going to be 16 years old next week. He has really enjoyed being able to eat his favorite food one more time. After each thing he tries, he says the same thing. He will not eat that again. He hasn't asked to try soda or fruit juice. I don't blame him. He gets real bad indigestion and pain, it makes his joints hurt, and he gets fatigued. He does not get bloated and he really doesn't get the circles under his eyes either.

What have we learned from this? We learned that the strict diet is the best. The stricter the better. When we do eat something that is not on our strict diet we have to be careful. We can only digest so much fructose at a time. The kids will get a much smaller helping than before. It was fun, albeit painful, to eat all that stuff one more time. The reintroduction of foods was a painful process, but it reaffirmed for us that we prefer the strict diet and how it makes us feel. We are officially off the elimination diet. We now know what we can and can not eat, and are well aware of the repercussions of eating the wrong foods.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gluten Free Mac-N-Cheese with Hot Dogs

My family loves hot dogs and macaroni-n-cheese. Our favorite was always oscar meyer hot dogs and kraft mac-n-cheese. The kids were really mad at me when they found out that all of that was not fructose friendly. They love their junk food. I don't blame them. I like it too.
They were pretty surprised to see that I had found a fructose free and safe to eat version. I found the original recipe in a book for fructose malabsorption but I modified it.I really hope they like it.

First step: preheat oven to 350 degrees.

First we start with safe ingredients. I used the pasta shown here. It is made with quinoa and something else. We like these the best of all the gluten free noodles so far.
 The hot dogs are hebrew national kosher beef hot dogs. These taste awesome! They are not overpowering like some beef hot dogs can be and they have good ingredients.
I usually use organic whole milk but I was out so I had to use my unsweetened almond milk instead.
And of course, you need some butter. I prefer the taste of organic valley butter.
 Put 3 tbsp of butter in the casserole dish, then put it in the oven until the butter is melted.

 Then stir in the whole box of noodles. You want to coat all the noodles with the butter. Then you want to salt and pepper it. You don't need too much salt though because the hot dogs have plenty.
 I cut up about 6 or 8 hot dogs and mixed them right into the noodles. (I wished I had used more. Maybe next time I will use 10.)
 I stir it right in so that they get coated with the butter too.

I covered the entire thing with 5 cups of cheddar cheese.
Then I gently poured 4 cups of almond milk over it. (this was too much and should be cut back to 3 or 3.5 cups.)
 Then you set the timer for an hour.
 I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but there is still too much liquid after an hour. (Because I used too much milk.) So I had to set it for another 10 min, which slightly overcooked some of the noodles.
After 10 more minutes it looked right. This picture is a little different because I tried to use the "food" setting on my camera. I don't think I know how to use it right. I hope this looks as good to you as it tasted to me. I ate 3 helpings. Which I shouldn't have done but it tasted soo goood to me. I like the almond milk better than the regular milk. I can eat cheese fine but not milk. The kids prefer it with regular milk but they still love it this way. It is a very tasty substitution for our previous mac-n-cheese dinner.