Sunday, August 19, 2012

I have some very exciting news to share.

"My husband and I are expecting our 5th child. I am rather nervous about it, because it wasn't planned. I had wanted another baby anyway but I though I would have at least a couple of more months to maybe ask DH to plan one. I would have waited up to a year for another one. I was not ready. I prefer to plan every thing. But I guess, the Universe has different ideas that I do, because I am in my second month of pregnancy.

Already my round ligaments are yelling at me. They feel like rubber bands stretched too thin. I am bloated, so bloated. The hunger is crazy. I am eating every hour. And if I don't, the morning sickness gets me. So tired. And on top of that I have a really bad sinus cold. My ears hurt, my sinuses are full and my throat is killing me." Nov 2011

And this is old news. Why? Because I already had the baby about 6 weeks ago. The pregnancy kicked my behind all over the place. I had no energy for anything during the entire pregnancy. I wanted to blog, needed to even. Every night after dinner, I wanted to sit down and write. I had stuff to talk about. Important stuff about pregnancy and EDS. Stuff I wanted every one to know. But I was so tired that it never got done. I did find the time to write this next draft: on July 6th 2012.

"born today at 1:59 am. 21 3/4 inches and 9lbs 6 oz!

i walked for hours the 2nd, the 3rd and then the night of the 4th. i also ate half of a stuffed jalapeno at the bbq. all day the 5th i felt like i was having a bad stomach ache. i figured it was the jalapeno. i was having cramps all day and i pooped out everything i ever ate in my was about 6 pm i called the midwife and told her how i was feeling. she thought i might be dehydrated but i reassured her i had been drinking gatorade and water like a mad woman bc it was so hot out. she said drink a glass of wine and try to sleep. well they kept coming faster and harder but they werent uniform together so i figured they would peter out and i could go to sleep like last time. about midnight i gave in and admitted they were strong and they were the real thing. the midwife got her at 12:30am. i had been vocalizing alot but none of the kids woke up. the 2yr old was up bc everytime i laid down with her it would hurt too bad, she would cry everytime i started vocalizing. so i got up and took her outside with me. she started copying how i was moving and the sounds and faces i was making. it was so super cute it made me smile. but after the midiwife, my mom and the doula got her she was content to watch cartoons. i had planned on using a birth tub. but when the midwife seen how i was acting she said i wouldnt make it. my husband had it all ready and came back to ask if i wanted it filled. the midwife said no bc i was already pushing on my hands and knees on the bed. we got me to the bathroom bc i thought i was going to poop again. i sat down and one push later my water broke all over the toilet. she moved me to the birthing stool. my body was pushing good now. i couldnt slow it down or anything. i felt like all my insides were being pushed out. i reached down a hand and could feel my lips bulging and stretching and then i felt the head coming. i kept my hand there the whole time until the head was out. then the midwife checked everything.2 more pushed and the body came with a giant gush and i was holding him. we got up and moved to the bed. i labored the placenta while holding him. they weighed and measured him, listened to him. and then i felt like i should pee. so we got up and went back to the bathroom. as soon as i sat down on the toilet i peed and then felt the placenta coming. i stood up and caught it with my hand to keep it from going in the toilet. lol. they tucked me back in bed and went to make me a smoothie. Baby had lots of gunk sounding in his lungs so they rubbed him and patted him and then finally put him in the bath to make him cry it out. he finally sounded better and they gave him the all clear. 2 hours of real work. but i guess i had been in labor for more than a day."

I haven't even re read it and edited it. And now I don't plan to do that either. Just gonna move forward and start posting other stuff. I recovered and healed quickly and am waiting to go to the doctor to get an IUD or the Essure. Pregnancy was hard, Birth was awesome and easy, but this many kids is real hard work. I am not going to have any more.

So there you have it. The last year all wrapped up. He is now 6 and a half weeks old. Hopefully I will have more time and energy to post more. I made diapers I want to tell you about :)

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