Saturday, November 3, 2012

Homemade cough syrup for my Husband

 My Husband likes it when I make this homemade cough syrup for him. He says it works better for him than store bought stuff. It might be the large amounts of brandy in it. 

But here is how I made it. 
To begin with you will need a glass container that will hold it all. The opening will need to be covered with a towel that is held on with a rubber band. It will need to steep for 2 weeks. After steeping you will need to bottle it. I have used canning jars before but found some pretty blue glass bottles this time instead. 

You don't need a double boiler to do this but I like to use it. I think it helps heat up the brandy gently without heating off too much alcohol. My husband likes the alcohol. 

This is the type of brandy we like to use. My husband likes the flavor and it isn't too cheap or expensive. 
You will need 2 pints. 

The next ingredient will be honey. It is better if it is local organic honey. This is what my husband picked up for me. I usually buy some from the local health food store. You want to take 1 cup of honey and stir it into the brandy over low heat. Stir until dissolved. The remove from the heat right away.

I will be putting most of my herbs in the cheesecloth. It makes it easier to strain later. You want to use a nice size piece. 

One of the things I put in it is orange peel. Nice freshly grated peel. 1 tbsp. 

Then add 2 whole cloves. 

I usually use loose leaf tea, but all I had was tea bags. I like to use chamomile and nettle leaf. But the recipe I have been using calls for 2-3 eucalyptus leaves. My husband has a sensitive stomach so I use several bags of the other tea instead. The chamomile is to ease stomachs. the nettle leaf is supposed to reduce allergy symptoms as well as support the immune system. I have used echinacea before as well. 

Before you tie up the cheesecloth you will also need to add 1 tsp cardamon, 1 tbsp crushed peppermint leaf, 1 tsp sage, and 2 tsps cinnamon. 

Juice half a lemon and add it to the brandy and honey mix. 

I take the opposite corners and tie them and double knot. Then the other sides. 

Stick it all in the same jar. Put a towel over the top and rubber band it on. I did not take a pic of that, but I then set it in a cupboard for exactly 2 weeks. 

After steeping for the 2 weeks i took it out and prepared to strain it. I put some cheesecloth into the funnel to do this. 

It will get gummed up and fall down into the spout, so you will need to keep pulling it back up and using all angles to pour it. It does have honey in it and it makes it a little goopy to strain. Make sure you squeeze all honey back into the medicine. 

The finished liquid is cloudy. 

I had these for awhile and my husband asked if I could bottle it for him. 

Both bottles are only filled half full. That way they wouldn't soak the corks too bad while being store tilted on their side. 

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