Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That Really Chaps My Hide.

This is a vent.

I hate it when vegans or vegetarians tell you that being a vegetarian is the only way to be or eat. Or, that if you think at all, or care at all, you would be like them. That thinking people wouldn't be able to kill animals for food and how cruel they are to eat animals. I even read some quote somewhere that said "I think, therefore I am vegan". Does that mean then, that since I am not vegan that I don't think? I am thoughtless and cruel? The people who think their way is the only way really chaps my hide. They are not thinking about other people and maybe they have different needs.

The particular thing about the veganism bothers me the most right now. First, because I used to be a vegetarian. When I was 16 I had a teacher who really meant a lot to me. She was smart and funny, and most of all, nice. She showed me pamphlets from PETA and ate lunch with me. I was a vegetarian for 4 years. I believed that eating animals was cruel and wrong. I didn't want to support the animal killing business in any way so I didn't eat animal products. Eventually, I got tired of feeling weak and sick and slowly added meat back into my diet. I didn't realize it then, but the vegan diet was killing me, starving me of nutrition. I didn't eat a lot of meat. What I did eat was mostly chicken or burger with lots of veggies.

About 2 years ago, I realized why eating vegan hadn't worked for me, and why eating small amounts of meat wasn't working for me either. I had been testing borderline anemic for years. I was low on lots of vitamins, my bad cholesterol and triglycerides way high, and I had lots of chronic pain and inflammation. My children and I all tested positive for Fructose Intolerance, or Fructose Malabsoprtion Syndrome. Fructose and fructans are found in every food except plain meat. I was not absorbing vitamins or nutrients out of most of the food I was eating. I was not absorbing all the stuff I needed to make energy or the happiness chemical that wards off depression. I was not absorbing enough vitamin B6, Iron, or anything else really. I was told that my safe food was meat, spinach, mushrooms, and certain citrus fruits. If I add anything else or eat anything else then it is just for fun because it won't really give me any nutrition. A vegan diet would slowly starve me to death.  My children would slowly starve to death. My now 6 year old spent a year looking like a starving Ethiopian child from those send money commercials even though she ate a ton of food all the time. She ate tons of fruit and veggies and hardly any meat. Once we quit feeding her fruits and veggies and made her meals mostly meat she bounced back, regained her muscle and had better behavior.

Since I have changed my diet to be more meat heavy, I have had more energy, more happiness, less fatigue, less pain, less stiffness, and less brain fog. I still have issues from the Ehlers-Danlos, but it is much easier to manage.

Most of this hide chapping comes from my facebook feed. I could probably just turn them off but I actually have other stuff I need to communicate with them about. Unfortunately, I have several friends that feel this way even though they know my family, my children, suffer from this intolerance. It hurts my feelings and angers me. Obviously, because I am writing this post. But, what bothers me most? Why do I let this upset me? Because it is inferring that they are better than me? That I am somehow wrong for choosing to eat meat?   That eating meat is selfish? Maybe it is because I am not feeling accepted for my choices. Or respected. I didn't make that choice lightly. I still feel guilty eating meat if I stop to think about it, especially since I can't afford humanely slaughtered animals. I still refuse to eat veal. They are treated so horribly. I won't eat lamb either. They are usually slaughtered when they are still yearlings. We stick to the main ones. Chicken, beef, and pork. I try to imagine that they lived a stress free life and died painlessly. I know it is not true, but I can't do anything about it. I can't afford better stuff and I can't afford to not eat meat.

We eat meat because we have to. We actually do have to eat it. We don't have the choice of being vegan or vegetarian. 

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  1. Yep, I hear you and feel the same way. I started watching a TED video yesterday--some guy talking about how we needed to become weekday vegetarians to save the planet and our health--and I got so mad I had to turn it off! I too, have EDS and fructmal and dairy allergy--so does my sister. When I get mad at self-righteous vegetarians, the only way to feel better is to just go read some passages from Gary Taubes' book--or visit the fructmal chat room. I was vegan for twenty YEARS (even though I was often sick from it--slow learner!) and I hope I never was that preachy!