Saturday, November 29, 2014

One thing after another.

I had just started feeling better. Better than I had in years. And then BAM! Another thing. Always one thing after another.

I had started having a stomach ache every night after dinner. The rest of the day had been fine and then bad stomach cramps. It hurts the most right under the bottom of my sternum. Pushing in on it made it feel better. I thought maybe my digestion had slowed down because I was throwing up every night. I thought maybe I was constipated so I tried stool softeners and miralax. That wasn't it either.

It went this way for about 3 days. The 3rd night it got so bad that I had to ask my dad to drive me to the ER. I was in a lot of pain.

The ER doctors were real nice and one of them even knew about EDS and NCS. I was surprised. They gave me a GI cocktail. It included Lidocaine to numb my stomach and several things to coat it and reduce the acid. They said if it worked then we knew it was my stomach. It didn't help. I was still in lots of pain. They were going to have to give my iv meds. They gave me dilaudid and zofran. That did the trick. I finally had some relief from the pain. They sent me home with lortabs, prilosec, and another med that coats the stomach. No one did any tests other than a few blood tests to rule out gall bladder or liver issues. All I know is that they think it is an ulcer or gastritis.

I have to wait until after the holidays now until I can call the GI and make an appt. If I don't take the pain pills I get real bad pains and I throw up. I have a feeling the new med I started contributed to it. I don't think I was eating enough food with it. Or eating the right kinds. I keep forgetting how sensitive my body is. 

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