Monday, May 11, 2015

The Perfect Storm

Recipe for Misery.

1. The day before I start my period and the first day of the cycle. Hormones. This part of the cycle always comes with greater fatigue and looser joints. When I walk I can feel how much more wobbly my knees are. I can feel how my ankles are rolling in. All of my joints feel sore my bones ache. I can feel the tender points in my muscles acting up. I hate stuff touching my skin.

2. Rainy weather. It makes my bones hurt too. I am sure I have some kind of arthritis. It could just be the EDS though. All I know is that I can feel the storm building. I can feel it in my bones. It aches inside my joints.

3. More activity. I have drinking large amounts of caffeine lately in an effort to overcome the fatigue. It helps with the fatigue. I have been doing all kinds of stuff. It felt great. However, I forgot to take a rest day. Now all my muscles are on fire. Today it is mostly my shoulder and upper arm muscles. It is  not the type of pain you get from working out, where you can tell your muscles are going to get stronger from it. It is the make you cry kind of pain. It makes me a lump of burning, crying, pain.

I have been rubbing this all natural icy hot stuff i found into every sore muscle and joint. I am almost out because that is all of them. I am miserable. I wish I could just stay in bed all day. I am trying to move as little as possible. Through all this I still have the headache.

At least I don't feel uncontrollably dizzy. 

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